Introducing a Pro Video editing Course by Elite Motion Studios

We are launching our very own professional video editing course to help you

create branded corporate videos.

What is included in this course?

  • Starting as a beginner, this course is everything you need to learn to be a professional video editor.
  • We are covering step-by-step detailed tutorials of Adobe Premiere Pro (the world’s number 1 video editing software)

  • Professional tricks and tips on color grading and using attractive visuals and screen effects.

  • Pro-level skills in green screen editing and cinematic sound effects.

  • In-depth knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

  • Education on websites to get licensed stock footage and sound mixes.

Scope of this course?

  • With the completion of our 14-days course, you’ll be able to create full HD branded videos with cinematic sound effects just like a pro.

  • You can start your studio, and develop your very own business as a video editing service provider.

  • Start your career as a freelancer and work with big companies and brands.

This is your chance to establish financially and promise yourself a secure future.Create a mark in the video editing industry and stand out as a professional-level Video Editor.